English Salon initiated by Malaysian Professor Is Hot Carried On in PK Machinery


The employees in Pk’s foreign trade department have the fortune to improve their own English by participating in the English salon initiated by the professor from Malaysia.
One famous quote says that the greatest enemy of learning is knowing.English is essential for the foreign trade department and maybe everyone have grasped it to some extent in our foreign trade department,nonetheless,we still have a huge room to progress.Thus,we everyone actively join the salon and enthusiastically communicate with the professor in English,what’s more, professor’s kindness and humor makes the study atmosphere so relaxed and lively that everyone is more willing and dares to speak in English.
Not only does Pk machinery require the employees to progress,but also strictly demands on the product quality and technology,continuously manufacturing more high-quality vibrating screen,belt conveyor,bucket elevator,screw conveyor and scraper conveyor,etc.For more product information,please visit