Failure Analysis for Pipe Screw Conveyor Blockage


Speaking of Pipe screw conveyor, due to transport material space is small, the material is very sensitive; winding of the helical axis is easy to occur when the material; in the middle there is a suspension bearing material is easy to block. So jam is most common seen failure of pipe screw conveyor, mild congestion will affect the yield, increased power consumption, serious will burn out the motor, a twist off screw shaft, affect the production of normal. Many reasons for blocking to prevent clogging and take the following measures:
1. Selection of screw conveyor auger of various technical parameters, such as the slow speed of screw conveyor is not too large.
2. The implementation of strict rules, so that no load starting, no parking; feed to ensure continuous and uniform.
3.Increase the discharge port or lengthen the end part of the material casing, in order to solve the problem of discharging is not smooth or too late to drain the problem of material. At the same time, but also in a material outlet trough installed on the end of a short counter rotating blades, to prevent end blocking material.
4. Enter the spiral conveyor auger material necessary to clean up, to prevent large impurities or fibrous impurities into the machine caused by jam.
5. As far as possible to narrow the transverse dimension of a middle suspension bearing, in order to reduce the material through the middle bearing plugging may.
6. Installation bin level and jam sensor, automatic control and alarm of cement screw conveyor.
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