Great Changes in Technology of Conveyor Belt


With the development of scale of mine, belt conveyor has kept on towards large scale and presents features of large capacity and long distance. Belt conveyor with long distance and multi power has achieve successful research and development, it changes the single load-carrying way that is given by rollers and adopts multipoint electric drive. This method can address the traditional problems that are changing conveyor belts frequently and belt breakdown easily. Also, the successful development of this kind of belt conveyor can reduce the cost of equipment greatly. What’s more, its advantages are reducing thenumber of transshipment or fall of ore during operation and avoiding environmental pollution.

ait conveyor belt system
The successful development of belt conveyor with 1km-100km belt length, adopting multipoint electric drive which can reduce 10%-30% investment and operation cost. Especially, it can decrease belt strength and eliminate risk of tapebreak of upward transport belt conveyor with large angle and long distance. And then it can prolong the lifespan of belt more than 5 times. Multi-power belt conveyor not only can achieve the goal of lower investment, lower consumption and resistance, but also operate stably more than 10 years. In this way can it improve the running rate and economic benefit greatly.

conveyor belt for mining industry