Gyratory Screen & screw conveyors for were Delivered to Madagascar


In recent years, PK machinery rely on scientific and technological progress, improve the efficiency and quality of production. The products of screening, conveying, elevating and feeding equipment have achieved great improvement.The product performance has been greatly improved and can meet the various needs of different industries.

On a sunny October 27th morning, we cooperated with customers in Madagascar ordered machines, includes two gyratory screens, eight cement screw conveyors which will be delivered. PK machinery always pays high attention to ensuring product quality and technical issues. Here is the details of the PK mechanical cooperation with Madagascar:
1, Gyratory Screen has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, stable operation, full closed structure, clean dyeing, anti blocking, and anti sticking etc. Because of the use of gyratory motion principle, it can effectively reduces the equipment noise ratio and dynamic load. The Madagascar customized screening equipment is to be applied to the graphite industry. And we know that if you want to achieve a good screening effect, we need to choose the appropriate vibration sieve. Therefore, according to the selection of materials, we recommend to clients of 3PXZS2050 plane rotary screen. This type of production is the optimal allocation.

2 The cement screw conveyor, using high quality imported high-strength continuous spiral blade , made of wear-resistant steel production. After forming the pitch error is less than 5mm and the leaf surface is smooth to ensure the delivery of the materials uniform, stable. In addition, the screw conveyor generally is matched with the complete sets of equipment , thus for different users or different occasions, we should know the transportation length (or the import and export of hypotenuse) elevation. According to the given materials from Madagascar customer , we recommend the model for LSY160-6m.
PK machinery will continue to spare no effort to explore new technology. If you want to learn more about the details and quotation of vibrating screen machine, PK machine ready to build reliable solutions, to meet your unique needs. In the end, in a satisfactory manner, PK machinery always provide you with the best quality products and thoughtful service, and will become your cooperation partner. For more information please click our website: