Gyratory Screen Sieving Test For Graphite Powder


Yesterday afternoon, as the requirement of the clients coming from Madagascar, we conducted a graphite powder sieving test about our PXZS-1836 gyratory screen machine.

The client comes from a mineral company, last month they had visited our factory and had a great interest in our PXZS-1836 gyratory screen. They were going to purchase one gyratory screen machine to sieve their graphite powder product in order to get different granule sizes of graphite powder.

Gyratory Screen Sieving Test For Graphite Powder

As we know, graphite powder is very light. If we want to accomplish a good sieving effect, we need to select a proper vibration screening type for graphite powder. Therefore, according to the materials which is to be sieved, we recommended our XZS-2000 rotary vibrating screen to the clients at first. But the clients insisted in choosing the PXZS-1836 gyratory screen to sieve their graphite powder and requested us to conduct a sieving test to verify this experimental result.

First we use the PXZS-1836 gyratory screen to get four granule sizes of graphite powder, that is X≥35 meshes, 35 meshes≤X≤50 meshes, X≥50 meshes and 50 meshes≤X≤80 meshes.
Gyratory Screen Sieving Test For Graphite Powder

Then we respectively put this four granule sizes of graphite powder into the test sieve which has there screen meshes of 30 mesh, 50 meshes and 80 meshes to check the sieving effect of this PXZS-1836 gyratory screen.

The result is to be expected, we failed. The graphite powder that was tested was detected with serious mixtures finally. About this consequence, there are some issues that we need to know and analyze.
Gyratory Screen Sieving Test For Graphite Powder

Gyratory screen is designed to provide precise and accurate sieving of material, it adopts eccentric mechanism which drives the material on the screen surface do uniform gyratory reciprocating swing motion,the materials are spread and stratified on the full screen surface, then the gyratory reciprocating motion gradually changes to an elliptical motion at the centre which is good for material sieving,a straight-line motion at the discharge end,the material movement track becomes short and then materials flow out of the outlet.

But this kind of vibration locus is not suitable for sieving graphite powder. The vibration screening equipment that is more fitted with sieving graphite powder is rotary vibrating screen.
Gyratory Screen Sieving Test For Graphite Powder

Rotary vibrating screen is designed as a high-precision screening machinery, it is composed of a upper cover, a screen box, a base and a vertical motor with eccentric weight installed at two ends. Rotary vibrating screen can generate horizontal, vertical, inclined motions by adjusting the upper and lower eccentric weight, which integrates into a three-dimensional motion. While the gyratory screen generates a two-dimensional motion, so if we want to achieve a good sieving effect for graphite powder, the rotary vibrating screen is the best choice from the technical perspective.

Though this graphite powder sieving test of the gyrotary screen failed in the end, but we won’t be frustrated. PK machinery would keep on going in the way of exploring the new science technology, to spare no effort to make our vibration screening products can be applied in a wider distribution of materials.
Gyratory Screen Sieving Test For Graphite Powder

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