Happy Chinese Spring Festival 2017-the Year of Rooster !


Spring festival is drawing near, which is not only the most ceremonious traditional festival to Chinese nation, but also the important carrier to release feelings and meet psychological demands for Chinese people,in addition,it is the annual carnival and spiritual pillar to Chinese nation.
Spring Festival ,also called Chinese New Year, has more than 4,000 years of history. During Spring Festival, Chinese nation will hold various celebration activities, worship the ancestors ,pray for a good harvest as the main content with strong ethnic characteristics. People get together during Spring Festival to express eager anticipation and good wishes of life for the next year.
This grand festival will fall on January 28,meanwhile,2017 is a year of Rooster,Rooster is industrious,brave,trustworthy and punctual symbol,which represents good characters and auspicious omen in the coming near.
Here PK Machinery will have holiday from 24th January 2017 - 5th February 2017,any query or inquiry,please leave a message or send to emailbox,we will reply you timely.
We thank for your long time trust and support in the past year,let’s hand in hand to forge ahead and win achievements in 2017!