How to Deal with Bucket elevator Material Backflow


Bucket elevator material backflow means the material in unloading position can not completely discharged out of the machine and return back to the bottom base, however, if the bucket elevator material backflow too much, it will reduce the production efficiency and increase the power consumption as well as the material crushing rate.The reason lead to bucket elevator material backflow:
Buckets run too fast.
Bucket running speed is different if cement bucket elevator lifts different materials: generally speaking,if lift dry powder and pellets, speed is about 1~2m/s; if lift the bulk material, speed is 0.4~0.6 m/s; if lift the wet powder and pellets, speed is 0.6~0.8m/s. However,if the speed is too large, material will discharge in advance, causing the material backflow. So reduce the speed of buckets according to the lifting material can avoid material flowback.
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