How to Maintain Cement Screw Conveyor Auger Bearing


Bearing plays an important role of carrying in the process of screw conveyor auger operation. It supports the entire rotating body to reduce the conveyor friction in the rotation process.
Here let’s see how to maintain the cement screw conveyor bearing.
1, clean lubricating oil should be added for rolling bearings, sliding plane, rolling bearing, gear, which are easy to wear.
2, screw auger conveyor components should be checked frequently, since it is important to the maintenance of fly ash screw conveyor. Check the wear of bearings, when necessary, timely replacement.
3, if gear oil abnormal sound is found in the operation, we should stop running and see the reason for that,otherwise,it will bring you more troublesome.
4, of course, a good bearing can help you save a lot of maintenance costs.
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