Introduce the features of Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear


   As our company introduced high-tech equipment at the early of 2015, one of the equipment is hydraulic swing beam shear, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and saves human labor. Now we will describe hydraulic swing beam shear. Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear can improve the production efficiency of bucket elevator, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, screw conveyor etc.   

   Beam shear is a widely used shearing equipment in mechanical processing, it can shear all kinds of thickness of steel plate. Common beam shear has three types, horizontal shear, roller shear and vibrating shear. Horizontal shear machine is used the most. The beam shear that thickness under 10mm is mechanical driving, while more than 10mm hydraulic driving.

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Features of hydraulic swing beam shear are as following. 

1, hydraulic driving, swing knife rest, strong and durable welding support, smooth and quick return as using the accumulator oil cylinder.
2, has the function of stepless adjustment. There are two blades in upper slitter and four blades in lower slitter. The gap value between upper and lower slitter is adjusted by handle, the gap uniformity is easy to adjust.
3, guard and electric interlock can ensure the operating safety. 
4, tool holder of machine adopts independent hydraulic hold-down, at the end of each hold-down has plastic foot pad. 
5, rear stopper device dedicates shearing machine CNC system E20, and shearing numbers has digital display apparatus.
6, rolling device can reduce the frictional resistance and ensure the workpiece surface not to be scratched.
7, full-steel welding structure, vibration stress relief, high strength and excellent stiffness. 
8, hydraulic driving is stable and reliable.  
Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear