Indonesia ordered sidewall belt conveyor shipped smoothly


Recently ,Indonesia customers ordering in PK machinery sidewall belt conveyor as scheduled to deliver goods, by the quality inspection department strict inspection standard loading smoothly.
With the rapid development of China's industrial industry,the mechanized manufacture processing speed also gradually speeds up, PK machinery also keep on learning,master advanced technology,repeated exploration and improvement,make a series of optimization adjustment measures in detail.Make us PK machinery belt conveyor is more efficient and perfect.

The delivery of this belt conveyor,my company technical personnel in the production process and customer close communication for many times,
according to the actual needs of customers design drawings,reached the requirements of customers, has been highly recognized by customers.We know sidewall belt conveyor is divided into horizontal and inclined or vertical this several ways,and our customer order of belt conveyor is to transport the coal,so according to customer demand,our technical staff to provide our customers a good few project,the vertical belt conveyor is their best choice.this product uses the high quality conveyor belt,there are corrugated side walls and horizontal baffles.The equipment has a long transmission distance, large volume, continuous transportation and other advantages,and reliable, easy to automate and centralize control,its simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, high universality, etc.

As a professional company,PK machinery will wholeheartedly provide the best service for our customers,we promise will provide you with superior equipment.In addition to sidewall belt conveyor,also has a vibrating screen, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, etc. If you want to learn more products price and information, please click: