Iran Clients Played a Visit to PK Machinery


Recently, Iran's customers came to visit PK machinery, during the visit, our foreign trade managers and foreign trade business personnel to Iran customers enthusiastic reception and in-depth communication solutions.
In the meanwhile, we first introduced an overview of the company and products, Iran's customers listen carefully to include our equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, lifting equipment and feeding equipment etc and a lot of professional advice on the design of our company.
Through the introduction, we understand that customers in Iran where the company is one of the large enterprise specialized in the production of iron and steel plants, steel plates and other products to the processing equipment. Iran customers through our previous cooperation with customers introduced to find our company, I hope through this visit to investigate the two sides in-depth understanding, and my company to establish its partnership and technical support.

On that morning, the customers conducted field visits to our company, first came to our office area, They saw our good working environment, harmonious working atmosphere and diligent staff. Under the leadership of our manager, also came to our company's production workshop for inspection, spacious workshops and advanced production equipment make Iran's customers breathtaking, our technicians also introduced to the customers in Iran the entire equipment manufacturing process, the use effect, assembly process and a series of. This time, our clients in Iran are iron and steel plants, steel plates and so on. Need some conveying equipment, our technical staff immediately explain and analyze the conveyor the most suitable. In the whole process of explanation, Iran customers to give great praise.

Then, our manager with customer together at the production site, the customer put forward a lot of professional problems about the field equipment drilling and operation, our technicians give them answers, through communication with our company managers and designers,
Iran customers are interested in the equipment products of our company, and initially identified the long-term partnership with PK machinery, and promised the next step to arrange a deeper level of inspection.
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