Long distance belt design considerations


Compare with short distance belt conveyors, long distance belt conveyor needs to take into account more issues on its design, as follows:
1. Reasonable distribution of pull rope switch and deviation switch
Due to the long distance of the belt conveyor, considering the on-site operating conditions and installation accuracy problems, the belt will inevitably run deviation phenomenon during the operation, at this time need to install the deviation switch and pull rope switch to limit the belt, under normal condition, the installation interval of these two switches is 15m-30m, which can effectively detect and control the normal operation of the belt conveyor.
2. The power designing should be reasonable
The transmission distance is longer and the driving power is naturally larger, but it cannot be increased blindly. The excessive power consumption and cost increase caused by excessive assembly will burn the motor when it is too small. According to the power calculation formula, the belt and the idler group of long distance belt conveyor must be considered the frictional power must also take into account the long distance power utilization factor of the motor, if necessary, please use double drive.
3. Belt running speed problem
The belt speed should be selected reasonably, and the belt speed is one of the factors that determine the processing capacity,the belt speed of the long distance belt conveyor should not be too large, and 1.25 m/s is most appropriate. If necessary, the belt width can be increased to meet the processing capacity.
4. Sealing problem
Long distance belt conveyors are mostly used for outdoor transportation,according to the characteristics of the materials, it is necessary to take into account natural influences such as wind, rain, sun and snow, so it is very necessary to install a rain cover for the belt conveyor,the cost of the cover is not high,but the action is very large, giving priority to consideration.
5. The number of spare parts should be reasonable
Under normal circumstances, 5% of spare parts will be considered, however, long-distance fixed belt conveyors have complicated environments,to avoid problems what there are not enough spare parts to support conveyor,therefore, it is necessary to properly increase the number of spare parts to be prepared.
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