Main features of Cement Plate Chain Bucket Elevator


NE type cement bucket elevator’s traction configuration is plate chain, which is used for vertically transporting powder, granular and block material , and also high grinding material , such as coal powder , slag , limestone , cement raw material , cement clinker , cement , coal , dry clay etc.
Main features of plate chain bucket elevator are shown as follows:
1. Upper device: install the track (Double row, to prevent the chain swinging,install a backstop, to prevent hopper reversal, provided a rubber plate for discharge outlet to prevent the return of material.
2. Middle section: part of the cement plate chain bucket elevator middle section is provided with the track (double section) to prevent chain swinging during operation, inspection window for repairing.
3. Llower device: install the tension device, NE15~NE50 uses spring tension, NE100~NE800 uses heavy weight tension.
4. Upper and lower sprocket wheel adopts ZG310-570. integral sprocket tooth surface quenching and tempering, HB229-269 HRC40~48.
plate-chain-bucket-elevator chain
5. Plate chain: chain plate adopts 45 # HRC36~42.
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