Manufacturing Process of Screw Conveyor Blade From PK Mining Machinery


As the major component of screw conveyor, the quality and stability of the blade is an important factor that influences the entire conveying equipment’s working efficiency.

The method of manufacturing the blade is:

1.One piece stamping welding forming;

2.Extrusion molding;

3.Winding forming;

4.Cold rolling forming and other methods.

Among them, the way of cold rolling forming has the advantages of high production efficiency, saving raw material, good blade quality, high hardness and good wear resistance.

screw conveyor blade fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

Here is one way of processing a blade for screw conveyor machine from PK Mining Machinery:

1)Prepare a long strip of metal plate;

2)The metal plate is wound around one of the side surfaces with a center line as a center to form a rotating body-shaped laminated die structure.

3)The outer rotating surface of the rotating body, and the inner rotating hole surface which is a cylindrical hole shape and coaxial with the rotational center at the same time are formed on both sides of the metal steel plate.

4)The die structure was stretched at a selected pitch by a blade stretching machine.

Besides, It can be rolled through the adjusting the parts (roll offset, feeding height, rolling pressure, guide wheel, etc.) to roll out the pipe screw conveyor blades in varieties of specifications required.

screw conveyor blade fabricated by PK Mining Machinery

The factors affecting rolling forming of the steel plate are the texture and the thickness of it, the offset of the roll, the height of the feeding, the rolling force of the roll, the different specifications of the guide wheel and the blades, and the rolling temperature during the rolling process, etc.

Our company has been working in developing the continuous cold-rolled tubular screw conveyor blade in many years with unremitting efforts. The screw conveyor blade processed by PK Mining Machinery has features of smooth surface, high hardness, strong wear resistance, one-time forming, continuous without welding line.

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