Siege of screw conveyor industry effects previews


screw conveyor is a food economy and transport equipment which is widely used in the coal industry , the use of a large amount due to the long running time , there is a huge potential for energy savings , the promotion of energy-efficient drives is one of the important measures to carry out energy-saving work.

Meanwhile, China has studied the introduction of preferential policies to encourage the replacement of old and transformation of high-energy -driven devices , to develop and promote energy efficiency standards and labeling work drive , and eliminate inefficient production and marketing drive to encourage the promotion of efficient drive . With the further development of all walks reform, large-scale application of energy-efficient permanent magnet synchronous inverter drives will become the mainstream of future development.
Screw the industry how to get out of raw material prices , "winter"
Between December , annual sales are approaching the end of the screw conveyor , screw conveyor whole sales are coming to an end . Screw raw material prices soared all the way , especially silicon steel , copper prices soaring is so many screw conveyor manufacturers miserable. Silicon steel prices from 14,000 / ton rose to 30,000 yuan / ton , but there is no market price ; copper from 18,000 / ton rose to 28,000 yuan / ton. In the rest of the month, each screw conveyor manufacturers obviously felt " a little cold this winter ." With the sharp decline in rising costs , industry profits , and some companies even negative profits, many manufacturers have discontinued, resist winter, ready to go, screw conveyor is designed to compete in the market next year.
Screw Industry Siege effects previews
With the continuous rise in raw material prices , weak profits , many manufacturers have expanded production capacity in order to economies of scale to reduce costs and improve industry barriers to entry , thereby promoting industry reshuffle . For the financial strength of companies, raw materials inventory is a powerful protection through the winter , and some small businesses due to the lack of competitive advantage , have to stop , " no rice " downtime to be expected , the siege effect previews.
Screw the industry to respond to the crisis, prices of raw materials , Chinese industry associations screw conveyor industry seminars held in Shenyang to discuss coping strategies , and formed an industry price alliance to jointly raise prices . The price alliance can go far? Every business has its own calculations.
Screw the Chinese market to be further developed
Screw conveyor or a new industry , the development of a short time in our country, the technology is relatively backward. China is now in the field of technology and talent screw conveyors are also constrained lacks a difficult development of the industry . Screw conveyor , with the country 's environmental protection industry developed , only a few decades of development history, so now the machine on the use of performance there is still some defects, such as for transportation of materials have high demands , is still not universal in various industries. Therefore, the development of the screw conveyor road there very far.
Screw domestic goods relative to foreign water, there are still some gaps , it is the existence of this gap, the development is the development trend of the technology industry . Screw the market now provide important material foundation for the new technology, new product development and production, is an integral part of the economic high-class strategic industries . As economic growth and technological upgrading of support conditions , screw conveyor will be accompanied by the development of high-tech and emerging industries and common progress and reflects the intelligence, networking , precision, energy conservation and the development of globalization and the general trend of the times characteristics . Screw my company my company for many years in the research, development , production , based on a new generation of energy-saving lessons with the international advanced level of advanced technology development of similar products at home and abroad , upper primary products.
Future direction of the screw conveyor
First, large capacity , high speed, long life . That means a high speed productivity, reduce production costs per unit time , the wear life of the screw conveyor is restricted mainly to reduce the coefficient of friction between the material and the coil , the coil axis to increase the wear resistance , to improve the performance of the material , can be more large extent, improve the life of the conveyor .
Second, the low energy consumption and reduced energy consumption, machine screw conveyor are substantially the energy consumed in the friction losses. Thus reducing the energy consumption is in urgent need of research and design screw conveyor machines to solve problems and development direction .
Third, the development of intelligent , future screw conveyor machine should be in close contact with computers for process control, intelligent operation . Handling, installation and maintenance of the machine should be able to achieve intelligent materials management .
Fourth, the space can be curved conveyor , screw conveyor in order to overcome the horizontal and vertical structure due to restrictions on the machines but only less than linear transport of materials in recent years, there has been a flexible screw conveyor machine, spring conveyor . Also various other conveyor space should be in order to achieve , you can bend the development of new delivery models .
Fifth, the combination of composite conveyor toward the large-scale development. Use screw conveyor machine, combined with a variety of continuous conveyor machinery, to complete the complicated material handling . Large-scale transport capacity , including several aspects of large , single length and large transmission angle and so on.
Sixth, expand the scope . Currently , the use of screw conveyor unit is restricted to expand its scope of application, research can corrosive , radioactive and flammable substances in the work environment at high temperature , low temperature , and can transport the hot , explosive, easy to agglomerate , viscous material Screw machine .