Project future trends mechanical analysis (a)


Development of construction machinery (such as transportation machinery, screening machinery) is an important national economic construction equipment, occupies a pivotal position in the equipment industry. Chinese construction machinery industry in 2007 sales revenue of 222.3 billion yuan, ranking second in the world construction machinery industry. From 2001 to 2007, an average annual growth rate of over 24%. Exports increased from $ 224 million in 1998 to grow to $ 8.7 billion in 2007, 10 years, an increase of 37 times. At present, China's construction machinery industry occupies an important position in the global counterparts, the products have been exported to Europe, America and other construction machinery power, is to "manufacturing" and "manufacturing power" forward.

However, compared with the international advanced level, the overall level of China's construction machinery are still gaps, some of the products in the international mainstream market in the position of the second and third stream of products; China's construction machinery enterprises compared with large-scale construction machinery multinational conglomerates, competitiveness is still relatively weak. Towards construction machinery manufacturing power in the journey, the development of the situation will be more severe, the challenge will be even greater. We must not Yangshan stop, stand still, to maintain high-spirited mental state, struggling to climb, go ahead, make more efforts to create the future. "Worry labor rejuvenating, Yi Yu dead body," we should be vigilant, enhance the sense of meaning, adapt to the situation, grasp the overall situation, continuing to explore and open up new road.
Currently, the situation facing the global economy and market, intense competition and high-speed demands personalization and convenience, diversification relevant stakeholders, technological development, which requires us to scientifically and accurately predict the future, fast response, the only way to maintain our competitive edge has been formed and catch up with the advanced.