Project future trends mechanical analysis (b)


Humanities, science and technology for sustainable development of the industry as an innovative concept of construction machinery extend people's own capacity, has been common development and progress of human civilization. With the advancement of science and technology, human constant pursuit of quality of life and the importance of dignity, engineering machinery development raised many new issues. Conform to the needs of China's construction machinery industry, combined with emphasis on strengthening the microelectronics, information technology, optical technology, new material technology and machinery manufacturing technology between integration and promoting products to diverse, intelligent, green areas such as research and innovation.
Intelligent and humane care product specifications extension demonstrates the application of space engineering machinery products with growing human demand for quality of life and gradually be expanded, traditional areas has increased from buildings, roads, water and power, mining and other narrow construction to the city Agricultural construction site locations, mountainous and hilly areas in the warehouses, docks, warehouses, accommodation, farmhouse, gardens, gardening, building layers and underground engineering work environment, and the large, large construction projects and mine expansion. Therefore, the requirements of construction machinery gradually extended to the ends that miniaturization and large, oversize technology. Large, extra large engineering machinery products with large, extra large projects continue to increase, the market demand is growing. They have a long development and production cycles, high-tech, high value-added features, represents a country or a significant level of engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises, several of these products are currently being developed and more multinational monopolies.
On the other hand, in order to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions, human labor as possible alternative mechanical operations have become a trend, to meet the requirements of this project operating environment, small and micro construction machinery demand will rapidly. Micro products are subject to specific constraints of its dimensions, while its exterior shape, color and other aspects of the design reflects the growing integration with the natural environment, but also demonstrates respect for human humanistic care.
Followed the same product from a single function to multifunctional, flexible direction, an increase of modular functional components on the basis of generic products, product features diversification; or through the new modular design, manufacturing, and different modules flexible combinations, to achieve functional diversification, construction machinery product category in the traditional sense will be challenged. Engineering miniature bulldozer should extend both ends of small and large, extra large, etc., developed to adapt to different conditions, such as wetlands, deserts, bushes and other requirements, multi-functional, multi-purpose, energy-efficient products and the corresponding auxiliary function modules. Loader bucket capacity should be developed, engine power, breakout force, tipping load, traction, less emissions and can be loaded with large-scale environmental products, can grasp objects, you can side discharge, can be lifting, economy good use of a machine-type products (such as gyratory screen, circular vibrating screen).
Excavator works to extend the development of large hydraulic excavators, mini excavators, hydraulic excavators unmanned, remote underwater excavators, bulldozers underwater, underwater trencher. Wheeled cranes to develop advanced technology, high reliability, long life, good quality of construction and the new high-tech type of a machine multifunction products. By construction machinery information, intelligence can improve the ability to self-diagnose and repair all kinds of construction machinery failure, reduce labor intensity of construction workers, improve work efficiency and quality of the project. In some special conditions, such as heat, cold, high-altitude, radiation, such as underwater and underground conditions, construction workers can replace intelligent, high-quality construction. Operating systems automation and remote control, such as the construction of precise positioning and control, fault diagnosis and monitoring technology in mechanical engineering will become increasingly common. Application of hydraulic integration technology, computer technology, monitoring and control technologies and integrated technology development of these technologies loaders, excavators, road building and maintenance machinery, forklifts, concrete mixing transport machinery engineering machinery and cranes and other new products will continue to emerge.