Project future trends mechanical analysis (c)


Sustainable development and the green of the concept of sustainable development has gained this century will depend on the development of scientific and technological progress, resource conservation, love life, improve efficiency, reduce waste and promote recycling of some of the resources, the realization of economic, social, resource, harmonious development of the environment, the development of mining machinery is no exception, according to incomplete statistics, the construction machinery industry in the use of steel per year 700 to 800 million t, is larger supplies industry, its large saving space. Industry through improved production facilities and production processes, to achieve safe and clean production; through the use of new technologies, new processes, new materials, optimization, innovative product design, reduce resource consumption and waste discharge products, reduce product noise, increase the comfort of the operator degree; through research of new materials, surface engineering technologies for remanufacturing technology, recycling technology, engineering machinery scrap recycling and reuse. The only way to meet the requirements of future construction machinery market development. Aspects of design and manufacturing technology powershift transmission, wet brake axle design and manufacturing technology, slewing ring design and manufacturing technology, the overall multi-way valve design and manufacturing technology, four area development, and manufacturing technology, computer fault diagnosis technology, new energy-saving technologies, such as engine continue to develop, optimize, and leverage will be able to effectively reduce the resource consumption, reduce waste, reduce noise and improve the life of the equipment, improve safety and comfort when operating. Subject and structure with diversified investment capital of 200 companies changing market demand continues to increase, the progress of science and technology, the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more business opportunities, the risk is growing, how to seize opportunities, to identify and more and more difficult to cope with risks, which requires construction machinery enterprises must establish a management structure in line with the development needs of enterprises, continuous innovation and institutional mechanisms.
Property rights system is the internal organization and functioning of the system formed the basis for a different system of property rights will produce different ownership incentives, thereby determining differences in corporate governance and operational efficiency. Optimization of corporate governance mechanisms subject property system optimization fundamentally diversified ownership structure is an important foundation of good corporate governance. Currently the vast majority of domestic construction machinery enterprises have realized the investment diversification, capital structure, diversification is advancing the state-owned, private, foreign and other aspects of capital reflected to varying degrees in engineering machinery enterprises, the duties being perfect, sound system, reasonable structure, the separation of powers and effective corporate governance structure and pragmatic change. But here it must be noted, promote diversified equity structure, the establishment of good corporate governance structure, at this stage of the stake is neither foreign nor of non-foreign equity. For us in the early stages of industrialization and a preliminary engineering machinery industry has grown up, to cherish and love.