Project future trends mechanical analysis (d)


 Currently represented by foreign multinationals, for China's construction machinery industry has entered the intensity, depth, breadth and the objectives pursued, have undergone profound changes. Cooperation with China the way of capital export license from the early production becomes; the proportion of foreign equity participation by the general began to insist on holding or becomes owned; still insist on control of Chinese enterprises in the original technology development department, the purpose is to eliminate future Chinese national enterprises compete with one level may fundamentally; to China's market launch of the product by the isolation of a single product to the constraints of the system complete the whole project extended product direction; simple assembly gradually from the past extends to manufacturing and processing, machine production, product development, marketing and other process. The purpose is not only to enter the occupation of the Chinese market, but to China's construction machinery industry into its global industrial chain. The processing plant of multinational enterprises into the global production chain, neither the intellectual nor the core technology, and by suppressing the development of the domestic construction machinery enterprises, control of well-known brands, key technologies and key markets, which will affect China's construction machinery industrial development and industrial safety.

At the same time, we should also recognize that China's construction machinery industry compared with the advanced countries there is a gap, learning and cooperation remain the long-standing process. Therefore, in addition to the backbone enterprises, foreign-owned enterprises should be the acquisition or establishment of a welcoming attitude in a fair policy environment, they also welcomed the establishment of joint venture enterprises, actively seek to introduce advanced technology and management experience; For most engineering machinery backbone enterprises, under the premise of not being controlled, in accordance with the rules of market economy, attracting a variety of resources, of course, including multinational capital and technology to promote the development and growth of enterprises.
Construction machinery industry with innovative thinking should use foreign capital, optimizing the utilization of foreign study and implement the State Council approved the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce in the "Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries" October 31, 2007 release of "directory" in the clear provides encouraged foreign investment in the construction machinery industry 12, the restricted category 2. We have an open mind to broaden the use of foreign construction machinery industry channels. For our large key construction machinery enterprises, diversified capital structure and business with the development of China's economy and the progress of changing. While we were still in a weak position, pay attention to self-protection; in our development to a certain extent, in a comparative advantage when output can also be strong through the capital, integration, technology and research and development capabilities to obtain the necessary resources.