Non-load Test Run of Ring Chain Bucket Elevator


The non-load test run of ring chain bucket elevator should be strictly carried out in accordance with the following steps:
After the installation work completes, empty running can be performed, chain on chain sprocket should inching test turn for around two weeks before empty running, when there is no blockage or abnormal sound, empty running can be continued.
During empty running process, please timely measure the main motor current, voltage and make records. At the same time, measure temperature of bearings for reducer parts, as well as the head and tail part bearing heating of link chain bucket elevator.
After 4 hours of empty running, if no abnormal phenomenon is found, cement bucket elevator operation can be stopped, fix bucket bolts once again, after empty running for more than 4 hours again, tight the bucket bolts again, after well fixed, point weld the bucket bolts and nuts.
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