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The weather gets hotter every day,Much region of China are entering the hottest period of time “dog days”.The “dog days “of the heat and humidity easy to cause a variety of popular summer disease.So take steps to lower the temperature is particularly important.
In this hot summer henan pingyuan mining machinery co.,ltd timely sent goods and materials of sunstroke prevention to staff and console the new and old employees.
Dale Carnegie, a famous American adult educator, also said: "if my business was burnt down, I would be king of steel 20 years later."pingyuan mining machinery co.,ltd follow the "people-oriented”Company management pays attention to humanization and the talent.,Employees have The long-term development direction, and the company can tprosperous.
No matter heat and damp, following the spirit of Aggressiveness and serious attitude our staff Stick to the front line of work and provide customers with the best service and products in pingyuan mining machinery co.,ltd.
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