PK Machinery Attended Google China Lecture held in Zhengzhou


On 22nd Dec.2015 afternoon.our international trade department Manager Mr. Lu,together with colleagues attended the Lecture held in Zhengzhou,which was sponsored by Google China,undertook by Zhengzhou Sinoart ,co-organized by Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, Network Marketing Association,Electronic Commerce association and International Trade Association.More than 500 enterprises were enterprise in this lecture.The atmosphere is extraordinary active.

Firstly, the founder of Sinoart Mr.Wong had a speech and elaborated the service concept and developing vision of Sinoart, analyzed how Sinoart help enterprises to utilize the new tool and advanced technique reasonably in order to improve the advertising effect and reduce the cost,which won a big applause.
In the lecture, the manager Mr. Fan of Google Boreal Realm introduced the Google developing trend in China,everyone focused the energy on the lecture and had a good interaction with Mr.Fan.Besides,the COO of Sinoart,Mr. Chan shared the practical operation experience with us and explained the factors affected Google marketing from five aspects,and illustrated the skills and methods through examples,from this,we had a better understanding of overseas marketing.
In addition, the progressive enterprises also shared their experiences they obtained during the development of international trade,PK Machinery benefited a lot from this lecture.

PK Machinery will keep noticing on this kind of activity and advance in the leading edge of electrical business!