Pk Machinery Celebrated the Traditional Chinese Mid-autumn Festival


Just the past day---August 15th of the lunar calendar,was very special for Chinese people, which was a traditional Chinese festival------Mid-autumn festival.
Since ancient times,people had the practices of sacrificing to the moon,enjoying the moon,eating the moon-cake and drinking osmanthus wine,etc.,which was endured and will be lasting forever.When on mid-autumn night,the moon is bright as a mirror,which symbols a kind of sentiment of missing of the hometown and relatives of the people far from away the home.What’s more,it represents a dream of harvest and happiness.
Mid-Autumn Festival has become one of the most precious cultural heritage of China, which has been known as the Chinese four traditional festivals with the Dragon Boat Festival, the Spring Festival and Qingming Festival.
In order to celebrate mid-autumn festival,PK machinery had distributed the staffs some moon-cakes and other welfares in advance so that we can enjoy this special day with our family.
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