PK Machinery Donated Money to Assist Poor Students for University Education


The golden autumn of September, it is the occasion for the student going to school, many students are carrying schoolbags joyfully entering the university gates, while it is inevitable that some children from poor families can only miss their college dreams helplessly. It happened that there were several prospective college students near our factory who were about to enter the university campus, they were worrying about the tuition problems. After knowing about this circumstance, the leadership of PK machinery did not hesitate to give a hand to them to solve their urgent needs.
pk donation
The leadership of PK machinery sincerely said to them "Although the money is not much, it is on behalf of my heart. I do not want to see the children delay their better future because of money. Specially, I wish you can study hard in school ,in the future you can be able to repay the motherland and society when succeeding in the study.”
pk donation
It was a brief word, but contained a warm care and unlimited expectation. PK Machinery will always keep this kind of gratitude attitude to move forward, continuously manufacturing more superior products for our clients, including vibrating screens, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and scraper conveyors, etc. For further information, please view our website