PK machinery gyratory screen has been transported to Vietnam


Last week , gyratory screen purchased by Vietnamese customers in PK machinery,has been processed and finished,pass the test machine to check the qualified, now the delivery.
As we know,The gyratory screen is widely used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, ceramsite, refractory material, grain, food and other industries such as abrasive and mining, mining and other industries screening equipment.Our customers order a plane slewing screen to screen white sugar , So , according to the information provided by our customers, a whirling sieve for screening white sugar for our customers,The machine has a large amount of processing;fine screening.Solve all material sieving with large sticky and water.This innovative characteristic makes the plane rotary screen greatly improve the processing efficiency, prolong the service life and reduce the labor waste in the screening process.This gyratory screen is designed completely according to customer requirements.

Detailed details and specifications are configured as follows:
gyratory screen model 2PXZS2050
Processing material: white sugar
Power:11kw,screen adjustable, a variety of specifications.
This 2PXZS2050 gyratory screen is carefully designed by our excellent engineers.He is rich in technology and experience in this field.This product has many advantages:One is that the sieves have three kinds of motion trajectories with a combined circle, an ellipse and a straight line,good screening effect,do not destroy the original structure of the material,it is suitable for screening and screening of various materials.Two is an effective sieve plate installation system,clean and convenient,high utilization of sieve plate and long life,the structure of the sieve plate is easy to operate.Three is the screen can reach four layers of effective screening, the outlet can be in accordance with the needs of customers.

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