A Happy BBQ Activity Was Held in PK Machinery


Last Saturday, a BBQ activity was held by PK machinery’s foreign trade department.Besides all the workers of foreign trade department,Malaysia’s interns and professor also took part.
The activity was to carry out in the square of our company.Each of us were actively involved, some were responsible for carrying the table, some were in charge of washing dishes and some prepared for beer and drink. We all worked together in order, and just for a moment,everything was ready. Then, it was the cooking time now. Our boss specially invited a professional chef to cook for us,so we would satisfy our taste buds. Everyone was together,eating, drinking, talking and laughing, as though there were no differences of nationality, it was just like a big family and the atmosphere was very harmonious and enjoyable.
Not only does PK machinery attach importance to the product production,always manufacturing high-quality vibrating screen,belt conveyor,bucket elevator,screw conveyor,scraper conveyor and some spare parts,but also pay attention to the worker’s life.If you are interested in our company and products,please