Outing of PK International trade department had been successfully concluded


In order to further strengthen the team cohesion, alleviate the working pressure and create a positive culture atmosphere, PK Machinery organized an outdoor activity with the theme of “ free your spirit, embrace the nature” last Sunday.

pk company culture
On 18th October, staffs of PK Machinery international trade department (ITD) came to Paoma ridge, it took about 2 hours to climb up the ridge, though everyone felt very tired, we did exercise our own body and realized that we really lacked of exercise. For going down the ridge, we chose to walk down the steps, there were 2500 steps in total and every five steps marked with numbers, hence we could judge how far it was from the steps to the ridge bottom.

Climbing the mountain of ministry of foreign trade
After that, we stopped near a small river and set up the barbecue bracket, prepared the meat and vegetables and immersed in barbecue. Later, rich and delicious smells filled our nostrils, we really had a good time that day.
This outing not only enriches the amateur life of PK ITD staffs, but also improves the team cooperation consciousness and relieves the working pressure, what impressed us is that everyone need more exercise to keep a health life! Besides, we also welcome everyone to join in PK