PK Machinery Onetouch-partner Officially Comes Online


 PK Machinery is your loyal friends as always, it is really true. As we establish one service enterprise, we can provide export process services for you. So far, we have been in doing foreign trade over 10 years, and have rich experiences as well as export business knowledge. “Easy thing has been left to you while difficult thing left to us” is our slogan. PK Machinery onetouch-partner devotes ourselves to help you do foreign trade better.
What is onetouch-partner? Maybe you will ask. Speaking simply, onetouch-partner is the service upgrade of onetouch which is various third-party service enterprises introduced by alibaba onetouch. These third-party companies will provide clients who need export process service with all kinds of services including foreign trade consultation, documentary, logistics arrangement, etc. which can reduce costs as well as save time.
Apart from these basic services, PK Machinery can also supply other services, such as Russian translation, social media marketing, RFQ explanation and practice, operate P4P efficiently, showcase title optimization, etc. Choose us, we will be your most powerful assistant.