The annual winter sports meeting are held in PK machinery to meet the new year of 2018


The year of 2017 rushed past in a hurry. Our development in this year has been increasing steadily and we look for new changes. We kept deepening our sphere of business in different countries around the world, which ensured a rapid growth rate of us. We continued to march forward in the path of expanding international markets.
This year , We have experienced the cruelty of market,also feel the friendship that won the trust of the customer ,to win the trust of customers with quality products and services,we have overcome many difficulties,so we have a full harvest. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of all employees for physical exercise,rich the cultural life,cultivating the consciousness of "lifelong sports" for employees.In December 30th,the annual winter games are held in PK machinery.the weekend's weather is sunny,but it's still cold,chill breeze addresses people of the arrival of winter. But,my company leaders and all the staff who came to the winter games did not feel cold,it might be a enthusiasm for the winter games.let everyone forget the cold,this winter games are different,you do not need to have any sports expertise, but the focus on participation, healthy living, happy work.

This games,the opening statement by our company leader. I hope everyone in the competition,with the aim of "friendship first, competition second",establish a new image, show a new style.To start with,an energetic opening dance performed by the young generation in PK Machinery International Trade Department,To start with,an energetic opening dance performed by the young generation in PK Machinery International Trade Department,which won a loud applause and cheering from the audience,followed by the singing after the dance,which touched our heart deeply.

The games include slow cycling, tug of war, jump rope, the ball race.The first is the tug of war,the tug of war is divided into two teams of men and women,First, the men's team was divided into four teams by the staff,it is divided into two groups by drawing lots to carry out the knockout,In the playoffs,each team of the victorious teams in the knockout matches the final championship,followed by the women’s group PK.a hemp rope was connected with the solidarity and friendship, transmitted the power,teamwork and persistence of both sides.Participants pulled out all stops to seize the rope, while the other people teared the throat out and shouted:come on,come on,come on!All competitors did their level best to win the games.After that,with the jump rope, the slow cycling and the ball game,everyone is more than the end of this one, after the race of individuals, race group.All of us were immersed in the fierce but joyful atmosphere,all the splendid moments were deeply embedded in our minds.

After intense competition,victory and defeat have been divided,the game ended successfully in a harmonious and joyful atmosphere.This sports meeting is carried out,not only improve the enthusiasm of all staff,also increased the enthusiasm of all staff to participate in activities,improved communication between departments,just like PK Machinery man always does,we are ready to face the challenges and enhance ourselves all the time,PK Machinery is always providing you the most superior products and thoughtful service wholeheartedly and will become your partner second best to none,as a remarkable bulk material handling equipment manufacturer,we are a professional manufacturer of vibrating screen, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, bucket elevator and scraper conveyor, further information, please click: