Training in Liming Heavy Industry,PK Machinery on its way to overall improvement


Frankly speaking, no progress is a step backward.Pk machinery has a strong risk awareness and believes the presence of keeping an open mind learning attitude will enhance the employees ability and skills, enabling the employees to support more professional services for our oversea customers.

Yesterday, our manager Mr Lu took part of our colleagues of international department to learn the experience of managing the social medias in Liming Heavy Industry. Liming’s manager,Mr Ma gave us a very professional training and shared their successful experiences with us. He said, although these things need spend much time, you also persist in doing it, so the quantitative accumulation will lead to the qualitative transformation.During the time, we raised many questions and had a heated discussion as well as exchanged personal opinions. And Mr Ma provided us lots of helpful advice aimed at the existing problems in our work. At the end of the training,our manager, Mr Lu emphasized that we still had more detailed work which need to be done, and compared with others, we still had a very big progressive space.

This training helps us a lot and will guide our future work. Pk machinery also has optimized the performance structure to achieve its rapid development and intends to produce the best vibrating screen,belt conveyor and bucket elevator,etc. for the customers with all heart.

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