PK Mining Machinery Industry Delivered Five Sets of Bucket Elevator to Russia


Last week, after the commission test of the TB type plate chain bucket elevator and NE type cement bucket elevator, these five sets of bucket elevators were delivered and shipped to Vladivostok Port, Russia.

The client is from a medium-sized cement plant. And this five sets of industrial chain type bucket elevator are going to be applied to transfer the lime and the bauxite powder,etc, which is the main component of making cement.
industrial chain type bucket elevator fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

As we know the raw materials that are used to produce cement product can generate dust particles. If the production facilities has no good enclosed structure, especially the conveying equipment, it will lead to a large of dust particles leakage. The dust particles causes very big pollution to the air environment, which is a leading cause of PM2.5 and PM10. Meanwhile it’s a big damage to the respiratory system of equipment operators as well. Therefore, as the main conveying equipment, we need to guarantee that the industrial chain type bucket elevator has a superior enclosed structure which can prevent dust particles from leaking out of the casing, which protects operators’ healthy from damage.
industrial chain type bucket elevator fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

TB plate chain bucket elevator is specially designed for vertical displacement of abrasive rough materials. It adopts plate sleeve roller chain as traction component and usually be used to transport material with density not more than 2 t/m3 and temperature within 250℃. TB bucket elevator could reach a capacity of 395m3/h with a vertical displacement of 5~50m. Vertical bucket elevator is highly resistant to wear and can be placed indoor as well as outdoor.

NE type industrial chain bucket elevator’s traction configuration is plate chain , which is used for vertically transporting powder , granular and block material , and also high grinding material , such as coal powder , slag , limestone , cement raw material , cement clinker , cement , coal , dry clay etc , material temperature is less than 250℃. Max. lifting height can be 40m .It is special for cement,so we also call it cement bucket elevator.
industrial chain type bucket elevator fabricated by PK mining machinery industry

Currently these five sets of bucket elevators have been installed and operating well, which makes the clients very satisfied because it reached and surpassed clients’ expectation.

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