PK mining machinery industry portable belt conveyors been transported to Cuba


On the morning of October 16, 2017,order from Cuban customers of the portable belt conveyors has been successfully completed,and shipped.After several rounds of negotiations,Cuban customers are satisfied with the service of PK machinery.Our answer to the relevant technology is also satisfied them and they agreed to cooperate with us.

As we know, portable belt conveyor is a kind of equipment used in engineering. It is simple to use and has good maneuverability.And the conveyor is divided into two categories: the adjustable and the non-adjustable type.And the conveyor belt is driven by the electric roller. Its biggest advantage is designed by our research staff according to the size provided by the user. The belt has different width of which can be chosen by the user, also has guide chute and baffle at the end of the fuselage, avoiding the feeding material dropping and make the machine more reasonable and smart. It not only can improve the efficiency but also save the human resources.Ensuring that operations and transportation are more secure and reliable, it also plays an important role in cleaning up the environment, reducing losses and wasting transportation materials, and we are convinced that this is a decent option.

Speaking of the shipment,PK machinery is based on "all customer-oriented" service purpose and high quality, high taste, high efficiency and all-round service.Before the shipment, our technicians have done a good job in this work.They check again before packing equipment, good sealing packing, guaranteeing the goods have been in good condition and we have completed the conform to the requirements of the equipment.At present, the four movable belt conveyor has been installed, and has been successfully delivered.
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PK machinery to provide the best service for our clients with our full heart, and we promise to provide you with excellent equipment as a professional company.Beside the mobile conveyor, there are vibrating screen, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, etc.
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