PK mining machinery industry ultrasonic vibrating screen has been transported to England


This morning, these eight vibrating screen machines was packed and transported to England. The customer comes from a power mineral industry. They prepared to apply this sieving machine to process the fly ash used in construction materials and manufacturing industries.
As we know the ash product is very fine and adhesive in the relative humidity causing that the materials easily attach to the mesh sieve. For this reason the ultrasonic generator and transducer perfectly resolve this problem. The high-frequency vibration mechanical energy augments material particle kinetic energy and make it get trough the mesh loosely. This innovative feature makes the ultrasonic vibrating screen incredibly increase the processing efficiency,prolong the service live and and decrease the labor waste in cleaning the sieve.
XYZ-2000 ultrasnic vibrating screen produced by PK machinery industry.
This XZS-2000 ultrasonic vibrating sieve is totally customized according to the client. The details and model specifications is below:
Model code: XYZ-2000
screen cloth diameter: 79.13inches
Aperture of screen: 63 microns,80microns
XYZ-2000 ultrasnic vibrating screen produced by PK machinery industry.
This XYZ-2000 ultrasonic vibrating sieve was designed elaborately by our excellent engineer who has been skilled and full of experience in this field for a couple of years. This product has many advantages and features like: special ultrasonic transducer design prolongs the screen service period to a great extent; higher efficient sieving property ensure the quality of final discharging materials product; high-frequency ultrasonic vibration make it possible to sieve finer materials and get superior screening materials product,etc.
PKmachinery is a professional manufacturer who has been proficient and skilled in the mining machinery field for decades years. PK machinery provide you more professional and practical solution on building your vibrating sieving and conyeyoring machinery, including solution on system layout, optimal equipment configuration, high-quality equipment,device installation,technical support, pre-sale and after-sale service,etc.
XYZ-2000 ultrasnic vibrating screen produced by PK machinery industry.
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