Portable belt conveyors were dispatched to Manila, Philippine


 Last Friday, four sets of portable belt conveyor were finished packing and dispatched to Manilam Philippine. These are two separated orders placed by different clients in Philippines.
Among those mobile belt conveyors, two sets are model DY65-6, which is specified by client, 650mm belt wide and 6m long. Another two conveyors are model B650-10 and B500-5.3, which will be used for transporting bagged material.
Portable belt conveyors were built to withstand the rugged conditions of any job site. It can be used for transport bulk material or bags. It can be divided into rise-and-fall and non rise-and-fall type, according to different transport requirements, the transport system can be single belt conveyor or consist of several conveyors or be combined with other conveying equipment, in addition, it can be installed horizontally or aslant to meet the needs of different production lines.
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