Proper Maintenance for Vibrating Separator


1. Always keep vibrating separator working environment clean and tidy.
2. High temperature grease should be used to lubricate the vibrator at least twice a week, regular maintenance of vibration motor should be once every half a year.
3. Check whether the bolts are loose or not regularly, a proper pre-tightening force should be maintained.
4. Serious wear and tear pieces should be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to damage the sieve body.
5. Replace a full set of springs if any replacement, so as to avoid vibration sieve body damage caused by uneven spring rigidity and impact screening efficiency.
6. Clean the vibrator bearing regularly, check the wear condition of wear plate.
7. The sieve machine parts must be replaced with the same type and model of product, otherwise it can not guarantee the normal operation of the loader.
8. A comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be carried out after continuous operation for one year.
(1) check the insulation condition of the vibrating motor and the common motor as well as the aging condition of the interface of each part.
(2) clean the vibration motor or the vibration exciter bearing, and add the new grease.
(3) check the wear condition of the various parts,whether the bolt has looseness or wear.
(4) after all the work is completed, it is necessary to carry out a trial operation, the requirements can be referred to the instruction.
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