Reasons Why Bucket Elevator Rotation Speed is not Uniform


1. Bucket elevator bottom base plugging
It is due to starting before feeding, the bucket belt tension is insufficient and slipping, or the feed flow exceeds the transmission capacity (including too much material backflow), and bulk materials enter into the base. The troubleshooting methods are immediately shutdown discharge door, open the base plate, put the plug the material after reboot. In accordance with the operating procedures and adjust the tensioning device, strengthening material cleaning .
2. Low lifting capacity
The reason is to reduce the amount of transport belt or lifting belt, the motor speed is insufficient, uneven feeding, feed back and serious form of unreasonable selection. The elimination method of adjusting the tensioning device, check the bucket elevator motor, troubleshooting, uniform feeding, identify the reasons in time. The material, and the reasonable choice of bucket form.
3. Too much Material backflow
The reason is that the lifting belt line speed is too fast or too slow, the head form the wrong size, the discharge is not smooth. Elimination method is to adjust the rotation speed of the main shaft head size modification or adjustment of drip plate in bucket clearance, dredge the discharge port.
4. Sever casing wear and large power consumption
The reason is bearing installation deflection, bearing dust, poor lubrication, bearing damage or lifting belt is too tight, feed back too much, bucket elevator base is blocked. Please Re adjustment, cleaning or replacement of lubricating oil to replace the bearings and adjust properly. Find out the reason, promptly eliminate and remove blockages.
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