Reasons why screw conveyor occur material backflow


As we all know, screw conveyor has widely application in various industries, such as building materials, chemicals, power, metallurgy, coal carbon, food and other industries, and could be suitable for horizontal or inclined conveying. During operation of screw conveyor, once there are materials blocked in hanging bearing, which is called material backflow. If screw conveyor always occurs the phenomenon of backflow, then it will cause screw conveyor throughput greatly decrease. With regard to large capacity tubular screw conveyor, the material backed flow is likely to undermine reducer, and result in reducer overburn as well as economic losses.
If it is seen from transportation process of pipe screw conveyor, the speed of controller and slipping material determines the speed of material which is conveyed from screw conveyor. What’s more, conveyor filling coefficient determines the discharge time, and the speed is large or small depends on the size of screw arbor and motor. Therefore raise these two components size can successfully address the material backflow problem.
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