Rocky loose mineral skirt belt feeder was dispatched to Colombia


Last Friday, a set of skirt belt feeder used for rocky loose mineral was loaded into a 20ft container and dispatched to Colombia.
This conveyor is 1000mm wide and 8.6m long, installed horizontally, which is specified by client.
Skirt belt feeder, which also named sidewall belt conveyor, which is a kind of continuous conveyor equipment designed for general purpose bulk material. Since the conveyor belt is composed by wavy guard and diaphragm plate, so it is also referred to as corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, the main function of corrugated sidewall is to prevent material from falling down when conveying at a large angle. Generally speaking,the Max. dip angle can reach 90 °. It is also featured by following advantages:
Broad application range- Widely used in coal, chemical, electric power, building materials, metallurgy, food, port and other industries.
Superior performance- Advanced sidewall belt, simple structure, smooth operation, safe and reliable use, small amount of maintenance, low noise, flexible layout,save area occupied area at its utmost.
Energy saving- The length of sidewall belt conveyor is short due to its large inclination. Compared with ordinary belt conveyor, the number of roller, conveyor belt length and material weight are reduced, which greatly reduce the roller resistance and consumed power, hence this machine can reduce energy consumption.

Protection device- Backstop is provided to prevent buckets reversal when shut down in emergency, pull cord switch, anti-deviating switch can be provided as well.
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