Russian customers Came to PK machinery for the Inspection of Equipment


November 11th,Russian customers to check the gyratory screen equipment ordered in PK machinery,the head of our foreign trade department went to the airport to receive them the same morning.
At the same time,our manager has arranged a series of detailed reception,after they came to our company,our manager and salesman led them to rest in our conference room first,and further discuss the details of the product, the model and other related contents.The Russian customers listen carefully.We also put forward a lot of professional opinions on the design of our products.After the rest,our manager led them around our working environment.seeing the employees' active and serious work attitude,
Russian customers are in great praise.Then come to our workshop,the equipment they ordered has been basically completed.Our manager introduced a custom slewing screen to their customers in Russia.The manufacturing process and the use effect are also explained.
Then,Russian customers have raised some questions,our technicians guide them to operate and test every part of the product equipment carefully,and solve the questions they put forward.Through a series of tests,Russian customers are very satisfied with our equipment.It also commends the patient's patient answers.It also expresses deep appreciation for the mechanical scale, product quality and development technology of PK machinery.

After the visit,Russian customers are not only satisfied with the quality of our machines,and it was a good impression on our good working environment, a harmonious working atmosphere, and our diligent workers.Express hope to establish long-term partnership and technical support with our company.
We are a reliable and field professional bulk material handling equipment.It includes vibrating screen, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor and related spare parts.
At the same time,PK machinery is provided by experienced professionals to ensure customer satisfaction.Ensure that every key component of the equipment achieves excellent performance, long service span, small fault and maintenance work.
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