Does vibrating screen apply to environmental or sewage treatment industry


There are many people questioning the processing capacity of vibrating screen in sewage treatment, however, we can see the vibrating screen plays an irreplaceable role in environmental industry and sewage industry as it can remove the municipal wastes, particles of heavy metals and fine particle pollutants in sewage effectively.

Sewage treatment dewatering screen
Paper-making industry:
Vibrating screen acts as a filter grid in the pre-treatment of industrial sewage which generated in paper-making industry, and effectively removed large particles of pollutants in wastewater.
Vibrating screen plays an important role in sewage treatment:
1. Sanitary sewage
With the improvement of life quality, the emission of sanitary sewage capacity is also continuously increasing. Although numerous municipal wastes are mixed in the sanitary sewage, vibrating screen has very good application in the pre-treatment of these municipal wastes.
2. Sewage treatment plant
Sewage treatment plant disposes the sewage by passing through pre-treatment, primary and secondary treatment, advanced treatment and others. We have mentioned that it can play the main role in grid filtration in the pre-treatment process. Then we can utilize the exquisite vibrating screen to carry out fine filtration before sedimentation. This will not only shorten the settling time, but also improve the energy efficiency of the sewage treatment.
In summary, vibrating screen has obvious expression in the field of environmental protection and sewage treatment capacity and function. However, we have to understand that only the more meticulous manufacturing and improve the working efficiency of vibrating screen in all aspects, after that only we can more efficiently utilize these working performances and benefit features of vibrating screen.

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