Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor Used for Gelatin was Delivered to Philippines


Last week, stainless steel screw conveyors which are designed for gelatin left PK factory and was delivered from Qingdao Harbor to the destination of Manila South Harbor.
The screw conveyors are ordered by Philippines clients, the lengths from inlet to outlet are 6m and 3m, considering the conveying material “gelatin” is used for food processing and production line, engineer suggests using stainless steel U type screw conveyor with the model of LS250.

stainless steel screw conveyor
After the completion of installation and trial run, there is also a pickling & passivation processing which can not only remove all kinds of oil, rust, oxide skin weld spot, but also improve the corrosion resistance performance of stainless steel greatly.
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screw conveyor delivery