Advanced Technique Improvement of Gyratory Screen Mesh


In order to meet the requirement of our New Zealand clients who ordered 4 sets of gyratory screen with 2 layers, our screen mesh technique gets a further improvement.
This screen is used for sieving glass, the screen mesh design is different from previous design due to the special characteristics of material, the sealing performance of screen mesh is further improved.
Air hole buckles are embedded at the edge of screen mesh which can also achieve the fixation function to prolong the life span of gyratory screen mesh.
A support mesh is added under the fine screen mesh, it can not only increase the elasticity of screen mesh, but also play a role which can prevent material from piercing through the screen mesh.
Combining innovative thinking and creative power of our R&D Department with the feedback or brilliant suggestion, we are sure we will move a big step in improving our technique. Further information please click: