Technology reform of belt conveyor in domestic and overseas


  The technology of belt conveyor in domestic and overseas has developed very fast. It mainly reflects two aspects:On the one hand,the application range of belt conveyor has enlarged,such as high dip angle belt conveyor,tubular belt conveyor and other types;on the other hand,the technology and equipage of belt conveyor itself have greatly developed,especially the belt conveyor with long distance,large capacity and high speed becomes the main direction of development.And its core technology is developing and applying dynamic analysis and control technology, thus it improves therunnability and reliablity of belt conveyor .

At present, the features of core technology and equipage of conveyor used in the coal mine are as follows:

1.Equipment large-scaling.The main technical parameters and equipage are developing twords large-scaling to meet the needs of high yield and highly intensiveproduction.

2.Apply dynamic analysis technology, mechatronics and computer monitoring orother high-tech. It adopts high power soft start and automatic tensioning technology to inspect conveyor to reducedynamic tension of belt conveyor. The facility has high operating performance and conveying efficiency. 

3.It adopts multi-motor driving,midway driving,power balance and other technology to make sure the universality and interchangeability of Conveying systemequipment and the reliability of drive unit.

4.The technology of key components is new and reliability. It includes all kindsof high-power drive unit, speed regulation device, long service life and high-speed rollers, ect..

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