Test run Tips for Mining Circular Vibrating Separator


Circular vibrating sieve is widely used in smelting , quarry , coal preparation, ore dressing, energy, power, chemical, construction industries, here PK Machinery will introduce test run tips from following aspects:
1.Only after installation and inspection,test run can be performed.
2.The test run period should be over 4 hours.
3.No abnormal noise.
4.Oil leak should be avoid.
5.The temperature rising of the bearing can’t exceed over 85℃
6.In order to reduce the impact force on circular vibration screen deck, the height difference of material feeding point shall not exceed 200mm.
7.Operation with load should not only meet the request when non-load test run, but also need to test following value:
(1) Feeding material size distribution
(2) Capacity per hour
(3) Screening efficiency
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