The development trend of bucket elevator


Warmly celebrate the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing on October 18, 2017, in recent years, due to the changes of national policy and the construction of infrastructure, China's mining machinery manufacturing has made great progress, Especially the state to support energy, transportation and raw materials and other basic industries, making the mining machinery and equipment in the future with a larger space for development. Bucket elevator also with the development of industrial technology, to obtain long-term development process, and to the following trends:
1. Raise a wide range
Bucket elevator on the type of material, features less, not only to enhance the general powder, small granular materials, but also to enhance the grinding of the larger material. Good sealing, less environmental pollution
2. Good operational reliability
Conveyor belt  to have a good flexibility, can be in the length of the drum around the bend. Conveyor belt bearing surface to withstand the impact of bearing objects, and can quickly restore flexibility, in the drive when the plastic cover and the drive roller to have enough friction between, can use the minimum working power Get the most work efficiency.

3. Long service life
The feeder feeds take the inflow, and there is little squeezing and collision between the materials. PK machinery personnel in the design to ensure that the material in the feed, unloading to reduce the phenomenon of scattered, mechanical wear.
4. Conveyor system automation
Now the bucket elevator, although the realization of automation, but there are still some defects, the system can not accurately identify the sorting of its material requirements. We hope that the R & D system will be able to meet the automatic sorting of the conveyor used by the post office or the logistics center.
The above is a summary of some of the development trend of the bucket machine to come to the conclusion of a few conclusions First, to the direction of mechanization to develop both the conservation of resources, saving manpower, the second is to the direction of large-scale development not only improve the transport capacity, improve work efficiency, Material range is both a multi-purpose machine, and the scope of the bucket machine.
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