The ring chain bucked elevator contract between PKmachinery and Salvador fulfilled successfully


This morning the ordered equiment was delivered to Salvatore port. It is a superior kind of ring chain bucket elevator. It’s totally customized for our Salvadorean client’s order after they offered us specific information about actual producing condition, stuff that need to be transferred and the distance need to transport,etc. Given the parameters provided by client our technologists designed this amazing ring chain bucket elevator with high quality and function.
This ring chain bucket elevator bought by Salvadorean client is going to be used to transmit limestone. As we know that the Limestone’s main ingredients is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone is widely used in building materials, industrial raw materials in large quantities. Limestone and calcined lime can be directly processed into stone. Quicklime(CaO) absorbing moisture or water becomes hydrated lime which was mostly called calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2. It can be used as coating material and tile adhesive when it’s handled into lime slurry or lime putty.
bucket elevator
Thus this bucket elevator must be designed to be dust-resistant with advanced enclosed cover to prevent the ash of limestone from spreading out of the tube. This excellent design effectively insure the workers in operating the device get away from the damage from limestone dust. In addition of this,other good features would also make our clients pleasant. Such as its solid structure, long-span use, energy-low-consumption, long transmission distance(lighting height can be customized),etc.
Since PK machinery was founded in 1980s,it has been operating for almost forty years. We are specialized in producing mining machinery plants. In this time what had been rather splendent in the same field was not only our talented professional skill,supernal reliability and quality of the products,but also our first-class customer service that grows with passing time. We were so happy and truly valued this nice deal with Salvadorean friends. And we looking forward to another cooperation with them and any other new friends through out the world.
bucket elevator
PK machinery will make every client satisfied and you would never regret with being with us on the whole cooperation. We have varieties of decent products,right material screening , material conveying solutions and good service for you. We’ll be waiting for you to inquiry and it’d be better for you to visit us personally. Welcome to PK machinery cordially!
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