The sidewall belt conveyor will be dispatched to Israel


Today, the sidewall belt conveyor ordered by Israeli customer will be dispatched. After several rounds of negotiation, the Israeli client was satisfied with PK Machinery’s patience and the answers about the related technology then decided to cooperate with us.

In the beginning, after the customer ordered that they need to convey copper slag, our staffs immediately analysed the best and suitable conveyor. Copper slag is a sort of by-products of copper extraction by smelting, which contains a large number of available resources. In the past days, it was always regarded as a waste to dispose. But nowadays people realize its value,and its recycling attracted people’s attention which efficiently decrease the environmental pollution causing by slag. Thus our technicists suggested the sidewall belt conveyor to the customer. After learning about the basic information of the cooper slag and other practical problems.
sidewall belt conyeyor

Sidewall belt conveyor could be satisfied as an efficient way to cope with the horizontal, sloping or vertical transportation of products. Its greatest advantage is the belts with the corrugated sides and the pockets designed by our technologists on their own effort,which totally increase the carrying capacity and the scattering ability of the conveyed material. Therefore, the sidewall belt conveyor is the best choice for the them.

Now, we have finished manufacturing this equipment complying with the requirements. The high quality of the production must win the satisfaction from customer.

sidewall belt conveyor

PK Machinery will sincerely provide the best services for our customer, and as a professional company , we promise we would take the superior equipment to you. In addition to the sidewall belt conveyor, we also have the vibrating screen, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screw conveyor and scraper conveyor for you.

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