Tips on Reducing Work Noise of Vibrating Screen


Mining machinery is generally very noisy, which has become a consensus to us. The work noise would not only have an impact on surrounding residents’daily life, but also be harmful to the operators' physical and mental health. With the mining machinery industry developing and progressing, noise reduction technology of mining machinery equipment is also more and more advanced.
Vibrating screen is a common noise source, whose sound level is high and sound source is much and complex. Therefore, how can we reduce work noise of the vibrating screen? Here are some common measures to reduce work noise of the vibrating screen for you from PK machinery.
vibrating feeder fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
1.What we should notice that if work noise is generated due to its loose components, thus, the first step we need to take is too tighten each component on the vibrating screen equipment. Especially the sieve plate that need to be replaced frequently. Overall, we should avoid any individual component getting loose to generate extra vibration.
2.Select rubber spring instead of steel spring to absorbing shocks. And add a soft soundproof surrounding the vibration motor to stop the noise spread.
3.Treat the space between internal and external of the bearing as damping. The bearing rollers can be fabricated into the hollow bearing rollers or put some damping materials into the hollow bearing rollers, which can reduce vibration of the bearing, namely reducing bearing noise.
dewatering screen fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry
4.Adopt flexible web gears instead of steel gear, that is, it transmit torque with rubber elastomer on the web, absorbing vibration while the gear is engaging in and out.
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