About the new colleague's training program


training Introduction;our manager Mr Lu has Lead the members of the ministry of foreign trade, which Planing a 12-day training. The training centring on product knowledge, business skills, application of office software, and courses for foreign trade.

the training Start from June 30 and expected to be completed on July 14th.Specific arrangements is 4 am to 6 PM training business skill, office software application, Interpretation and interaction by our ministry of foreign trade business elite.Product knowledge and trade courses at 6 PM to 8 PM..
Product knowledge: the keynote speaker is manager , the main contents are the basic knowledge of belt conveyor, the principle and application of vibrating screen, YA the vibration screen, portable belt conveyor, vibration screen, etc.
Business skills: the keynote speaker is of our ministry of foreign trade business elite , the main contents have customer background analysis, inquiry processing techniques, the quotation making considerations, etc.
Office software applications: the keynote speaker is of technical personnel of the ministry of foreign trade, the main content is introduction to CAD Application, Photoshop foundation course, Facebook, linkedin foundation course, etc..
Foreign trade course: the pro league video courses.

Through the training, we further study the product knowledge, and even can skilled office software operation, more able to communicate effectively with customers, also increase the understanding of the foreign trade industry, strengthened the work of our own experience.
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