Vibrating feeder and hopper used for loose biomass were dispatched to Philippines


Last Friday, the cargo ordered by Philippine client was dispatched from Qingdao port to destination port Davao port, Philippines.
This order includes hopper with silo vibrator, gate valve and vibrating feeder. Client wants to a vibrating feeder that feed the biomass (mixed loose stalks, straws, wood chips, saw dust, bagasse) onto a belt conveyor. Previously, they required a wide and deep feeder so they can dump as much biomass onto belt conveyor, meanwhile, an excavator will directly feed the biomass to the required feeder.
After knowing well of this system, PK Machinery engineer configured a 3500mm long* 3500mm wide hopper above a small model ZG80-150 feeder instead of using a single wide and deep feeder, a gate valve is also equipped under the hopper outlet and avove the feeder inlet to control biomass flow, in this way the cost and space will be greatly saved. Client was quite satisfied with the design.
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